Vape Fiends Distribution has provided us with excellent service for the past 2 years.  Their hardware and e-juice selection are top notch.  We love the fact they make it so easy to order from using their online catalog. 

Platinum Vapes - San Jose, CA

 It's really easy to stock products in our shops using Vape Fiends website.  Our store managers can literally walk in on Mondays, and see what we need and from their desktop they can order with ease with Vape Fiends. 

The Carter Vaporium - Matawan, NJ

 We're so glad that we found Vape Fiends Distribution!  Their e-juice selection, price and turn around time are amongst the best we've found. 

Hidden Vape - Los Angeles, CA

 Vape Fiends has always introduced our shops to the most popular e-juice in the market.  The products that we stock which we purchase from Vape Fiends Distribution always sell our best. 

Lavish Vapes - Virginia Beach, VA

 Vape Fiends has one of the largest e-juice sections around. The fact that they operate online makes it so easy to do business with them.  Somtimes I find myself ordering e-juice from them that we've never tested, because we know they carry top products. 

Vapors Dream - Girard, OH

 We've always found it easy to stock products which are really easy to sell because of Vape Fiends Distribution.  The products they carry are not only well priced, but usually they have them before other suppliers. 

Vaperoo - San Diego, CA